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Hello! Live chat or give us a call at the studio:

Mon-Thurs | 10:00am-5pm EST

Hello! Live chat or give us a call at the studio:

Mon-Thurs | 10:00am-5pm EST

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Primary New York was founded in 2010 by Cleo Ahn with a ten piece capsule collection she designed and produced in New York's garment district.

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Cleo spent her early twenties working in wardrobe for music, film, and television in Vancouver, Canada before moving to New York to study fashion at Parson’s School of Design.  During those formative years, she spent time at various fashion houses gaining a wide range of experience.  After launching a Primary capsule collection of 10 pieces in 2010, our wholesale and private-label business evolved to include leather jackets, handbags, Cleo’s hand-draped silk dresses, and a jersey range of twist dresses & oversize tees. Her designs have been featured in Vogue, Elle, WWD, Nylon, Fashion Canada, Schön! and Lucky Magazine.  In 2012, Cleo attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for studio photography. She continues to photograph and creative direct the campaigns for Primary New York as well as other brands.  In 2019, Primary New York launched its fine jewelry collection - delicate pieces in 18K gold, precious diamonds and gemstones. Cleo currently lives in the West Village with her husband and three young children. 



It’s only natural that our group of creatives love to collaborate with other designers and friends we admire! Our earliest collaborations were with Artist/Photographer Greg Swales, who we did all our early campaigns and a short film with. Visual Artist Kelly Framel was also an early collaborator, consulting and styling collections.  Currently, we are collaborating with Michaela Babuskova from @figtny for our creative content.  We have created a capsule collection consisting of 6 pieces of fine jewelry for LA based Jewelers Carbon & Hyde (the split huggies Cleo designed are still a best-seller), Leather motorcycle jackets with Seoul based brand Lookast, a tote bag with Montreal based brand The Stowe, The Nara Ring ( named after Cleo's daughter ) for New York based Jeweler Tarin Thomas and an exclusive with Janessa Leone. Check out our all our current design collaborations here.



Our Williamsburg studio and our online shop is where we have found home for all the products that we love from brands, designers, and makers we believe in. We photograph everything here and create content so that you can visualize how you'll use them IRL. On our blog you'll find the style series where we photograph influencers we love, articles on how to care for your items, and interviews with the makers of your products.


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Which brings us to now. Come join us @primary_newyork to see what's happening in real time and shop the gram here.

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