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SOKO // Sustainable Jewelry

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Founded in Nairobi, Kenya - Soko works with nearly 1000 talented local artisans to shift the perception of ethical fashion and promote conscious consumerism. 

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Soko's revolutionary jewelry supply chain increases the income for marginalized artisan workers by 5 times. Their process is by a "virtual factory" giving the artisans power through their mobile phones to tap into designs, scope, quality control and gives them unprecedented earnings. 

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All pieces are handmade from Artisans in Kenya ~ from sustainable materials; recycled brass and cow horn - the byproduct of the food industry, in the nomadic tribes of Kenya and Uganda.

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Care for your brass jewelry with a soft cloth & brass cleaner OR for a quick fix -make a paste with lemon juice and baking soda - rub onto surface with a cloth, rinse and buff to a brilliant shine.