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Meet the Maker: Wolf Circus
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Meet the Maker: Wolf Circus

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Wolf Circus is a line of thoughtfully designed jewelry from Vancouver, BC. Run entirely by women and aiming to inspire others to embrace their confidence during their daily hustle. 

The production team currently consists of five highly trained jewelers and all pieces are hand fabricated or cast using the lost wax casting process. From here they are either hand polished or plated with a high-quality level of plating.

Here, we chat with the lovely Fiona Morrison, Founder and Creative Director of the brand— delving a little deeper into what makes Wolf Circus one of our all-time favorites!


PRIMARY NEW YORK: You started out in business school— how did you end up in jewelry?

FIONA: Wolf Circus started in 2010 while working on my Business degree at the University of Victoria. I think that is when I realized there was a gap in the market for modern affordable jewelry, I felt inspired to create a line that would bring the wearer confidence and help them feel empowered during their daily hustle. 


PNY: It's so cool this all-female collective you have, we love that! Can you tell us more about it?

F: Our team currently consists of 10 lovely ladies. They do everything from Production to Marketing and Fulfilling orders. Our all-female team was never an intentional decision, however, it has been an incredible experience to work with such a supportive and amazing team. 


PNY: The Chinatown area in Vancouver is so happening right now, was it a big move from Victoria to here? And how has that influenced your design and production?

F: Chinatown has been a really amazing area to watch Wolf Circus take off. There are plenty of small artists and designers in the area due to the affordable rent and it has grown so quickly since we first moved in. Victoria is such an incredible city but being close to all our stockists and in the hustle of the city can be really inspiring. 


PNY: We hear that you and your friends love the outdoors and adventurous sports - what is one piece from Wolf Circus you can wear everyday for any activity? 

F: The Rose coin necklace or Dune Baby studs are two of my favourites. I wear my jewelry doing anything from surfing to climbing and am always so inspired by my friends doing the same.



PNY: What piece of jewelry/clothing will you never throw away?

F: My Grandma's vintage long tan winter coat. It has the most perfect oversized shape and any vintage hand me downs are always incredibly special.


PNY: Favorite local designers or hang out spots in your neighborhood

F: Favourite local designers include Rachel Saunders CeramicsSonya Lee and for food + drinks Hey Kokomo and Bao Bei


PNY: Do you have any advice for budding designers / entrepreneurs out there who are reading this?

F: I believe it is really important to have patience and remember that a part of building a brand doesn't mean it will blow-up overnight. Taking the time to create that organic growth and really watch who your customer is along the way with plenty of trial and error can really help you make moves as it becomes bigger. 


Check out their dreamy and inspiring Instagram here !