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Our top care tips for your hat

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Yes, we have a hat obsession. Give us a beret, boater, bucket, beanie, baseball, panama, fedora, stetson, sun, slouch, pork pie, turban... seriously, give us a party hat and we're ready. So we're passing along a few tricks we learned along the way for keeping all of your summer and fall materials in shape. 


Your hat's shape is everything. Handle it by the brim and not the crown and let's keep it's shape, the way it was intended.

Proper Storage options: Best option is a hat box that supports the brim and the crown and protects the hat from dust and moisture, if you haven't invested in one yet store your hat on a peg or hook that's wide enough to not create dimples.  If you have to store your hat on a flat surface we recommend storing it upside down so you don't flatten the brim.  ( of course if its a boater hat with a flat brim, storing it on a shelf is perfectly fine. ) 

The magic of steam: The shape of your hat was created with steam, so you can easily reshape dents or an improper bend in the brim with a little steam.  If you don't have a clothing steamer, hold your hat over the tea kettle for 30 seconds and reshape the hat with your fingers. 


The hat brush: A soft bristle brush is great for cleaning felted fur or wool hats, for straw hats a quick dusting with a handheld whisk will do the trick.

Stains: Cornstarch is known to suck up grease stains from wool hats.  A rubber sponge works best and if its a bad one use a hat cleaner like Scout hat cleaner.  Spray on, wait for it to dry into a powder and brush it off. For a straw hat go ahead and use soap and a wet sponge and gently pat the stain out. Makeup on the inner brim lining? We use our neutrogena makeup wipes on the inside cotton layer to remove and finish will a wet sponge to dampen. 

Tarin Thomas - Primary New YorkWater 

It sucks to get caught in the rain with your favorite hat.  Here's how to deal: 

  • Shake it off.  The rain that is. 
  •  Allow the hat to air dry naturally. Hairdryers will distort the shape of your hat. 
  • Turn the sweatband out and let it dry on a towel on it's brim as to not ruin the crown's shape. 
  • Shape the hat into the proper form.  A wet hat will dry the way you leave it. 
  • Really really try not to get your straw hat in the pool. Moisture causes straw to swell and it could distort your hats shape.

Primary New York

Learned some tricks you'd like to pass on? Let me know in the comments below!  

Much Love, XX Cleo