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Autumn's Sculptural Earrings

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Delicate + Bold, Undulating + Rigid. Our picks for autumn ear-wear cover the design spectrum. 

We've taken a liking to designers that utilize the feeling of sculpture as a basis for their designs — FARIS & Rachel Comey are exemplary and inspiring examples of this mood in jewelry right now.


FARIS jewelry, vero drop earring, lecca earring

The Vero Drop & Lecca by FARIS

Rachel Comey, FARIS

Colorful clip-on, 'The Roundoff' by Rachel Comey & Small Vero Hoop / Vero Bod by FARIS

The large undulating Tornade Earring by FARIS takes center here

Rachel COmey, FARIS

The Maya Earring is here when you're in the mood for some Tortoise Hoops