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6 lessons in French Style // Photographed & written by Daniela Kucher // featuring Julie Morgese wearing //  Herbivore Sea Mist Hair Texturizing Spray //  Na Nin Eau de Parfum // Bones + Feathers Jewelry  //  Love by Diego Binetti Bag // Wonderland Sunnies  //  Lacausa Crop Top // Lacausa Shorts 

Our summer intern Julie, from Lyon gave us a few tips in that "je ne sais quoi" all French women possess.  Here's what we learned:

1. Her style must seem effortlessly chic; a blend of nonchalance and natural allure -no matter how long she's taken to get ready.

2. She's always sporting a healthy glow; her cheeks are flushed from drinking wine in the afternoons and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

3. A French woman invests in her signature white blouse and always wears it with black lingerie underneath.

4. She is manicured, but not coiffed. Her hair is either loosely tied back, or in a constant state of refined bed-head. She will never leave for a night out without a red lip and a spritz of her favorite perfume.

5. French women are about the subtleties; they are nuanced. They don’t put effort into standing out, but they certainly never blend in or go unnoticed, and most importantly...

6. They have a trademark ~ whether it's a haircut or silhouette.  Which french women are your style icons?

XO Daniela