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5 Classic Fall Investment Pieces

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1. A leather motorcycle jacket -  This style really hasn't changed much since James Dean wore it in the fifties.  It's one of those pieces in your closet that will never go out of style.  Do yourself a favor and spend the money on a quality one right off the bat. Our Primary x Lookast Full Length Moto is made with lambskin leather, and I daresay rivals the Saint Laurent version ( ok, one of our customer said that! ). I've had mine for going on 5 years.  It's the one in the pictures below, hasn't aged a day but molded to my body in the best way possible. I love that it adds an edge to an everyday denim look and I especially love wearing our cropped version for evening with a long dress, I've even done it for black tie. 

primary new york, leather jacket, kohza numbers, Cleo Ahn

Primary New York, Leather Moto Jacket, Cleo Ahn

2. An undisputed essential in the handbag category is a classic tote bag. What we expect from this is high quality amazing leather and classic detailing free of hardware and logos. We love the Katie tote by The Stowe as it checks all the boxes. It's my most used bag as I load it up during the week with my laptop and sketchbook and bring it to the farmer's market with me on Saturdays.

primary new york, the stowe, katie bag, clay, Cleo Ahn

Primary New York The Stowe Leather Tote Bag

[ Above, The Stowe's Katie tote in Black / Bordeaux / Honey / and Clay

3.  Nothing says fall quite like a classic felted hat - our perennial favorite hat designer Janessa Leone, has made iterations with wide and short brims and played with the mobility by fusing brims for stiffness and softening them for that floppy moldable seventies look. We're also loving her play on the cap done in a felted wool.  

janessa leone, felted hat, fall hat, primary new york

[ Above, Janessa Leone's Lane wool Hat

4. This season is all about the statement earring, but for this list - as a classic investment piece of jewelry I have to shoutout our collaboration design - The Primary x Carbon & Hyde Split Huggie Earrings.  These are your everyday beautiful huggies but with an edge.  I designed them with the thought of a two-for-one huggie but intentionally not looking like one, as if one had split - hence the name.  These are our best selling fine jewelry earring and as they are now included in Carbon & Hyde's main collection, I was quite proud to walk into Barney's and peep my design ;) Check out our design collaborations here. 

primary new york, carbon and hyde, collaboration, split huggies, diamond earrings

5. A sunglass update. I feel like every season, yes even winter - calls for a sunnie refresh.  You don't have to spend hundreds, but you do need an update.  Try a new smaller tortoise cat eye or a flat lensCurrently, I am very excited to have one of my favorite sunglass brands now on the site - New Zealand designer Karen Walker who's renowned for her sunni collection - recognizable by the classic side arrow and universally flattering frames. 

karen walker, primary new york, harvest, sunglasses, Cleo Ahn

[ Above, wearing Karen Walker's Harvest Sunglasses